the Hong Kong pro-democracy party founded by former student activists

was a pro-democracy political organisation established on 10 April 2016 as a political party

About US

Demosistō is a pro-democracy youth activist group in Hong Kong. Through street politics, civil society empowerment and international delegations, we advocate democratic reforms, progressive values and self-consciousness of Hongkongers in the city. In our fight for equality, justice and democracy, we aim at turning Hong Kong into a pluralist city.

Demosistō advocated a referendum to determine Hong Kong’s sovereignty with the goal of obtaining autonomy

the party's leadership resigned from their offices and the party disbanded on 30 June 2020


born 13 Octob 1996. is a Hong Kong activist and politician. He served as secretary-general of the pro-democracy party Demosistō until it disbanded following the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law on 30 June 2020. Wong was previously convenor and founder of the Hong Kong student activist group Scholarism.

Joshua Wong Chi-fung

born 3 December 1996. is a Hong Kong politician and social activist. She is a former member of the Standing Committee of Demosistō and former spokesperson of Scholarism.

Agnes Chow Ting

born 13 July 1993. is an activist and politician from Hong Kong. As a former student leader, he has been chairman of the Representative Council of the Lingnan University Students' Union (LUSU), acting president of the LUSU, and secretary-general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS)

Nathan Law Kwun-chung

was a Hong Kong pro-democracy student activist group active in the fields of Hong Kong's education policy, political reform and youth policy. It was reported to have 200 members in May 2015