3rd Standing Committee

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Ivan Lam Long Yin - Chairman
Lam has been engaged in social activism since 2012. He co-founded Scholarism, and was one of the three initial hunger strikers dyrubg the occupying movement against the National Education curriculum. Having been arrested due to intercepting C.Y. Leung’s vehicle and venturing into the Liaison Office to protest against the NPC’s interpretation of the Basic Law, Lam was later incarcerated for 13 months following his actions at the Legislative Council while opposing the N.E. New Territories New Development Plans. In addition to direct involvement in movements, he is also skilled in visual design, and is responsible for design for Demosisto and other civil society organisations.

Joshua Wong Chi Fung - Secretary-General
Wong founded Scholarism and organised the movement against the National Education curriculum. He has since been jailed due to his participation in the Umbrella Movement, and is currently involved in developing Demosisto’s international connections, self-determination rhetoric, and community work.

Ian Chan Kok Hin - Deputy Secretary-General
Chan graduated from Shue Yan University’s Department of Sociology, and held the positions of HKFS committee member and Chairman of the University’s Student Union among others during his time there. Chan is currently a policy researcher in the office of the Hon. Au Nok-hin at the Legislative Council, and focuses on grassroots advocacy and youth policies.

Nathan Law Kwun Chung - Standing Committee Member
Formerly a Legislative Council member, Law is currently majoring in Cultural Studies at Lingnan University. He was one of the student representatives who conversed with Carrie Lam during the Umbrella Movement, and was Demosisto’s founding chairman. He was elected as the youngest Legislative Council member in Hong Kong history in 2016, but was later disqualified in 2017 after interference from the Beijing government in the form of a Basic Law interpretation. He was jailed in the same year for storming the Civic Square during the Umbrella Movement.

William Liu - Standing Committee Member
Liu had been a founding member of Scholarism since 2011, and has been active in social movements since - from opposing the National Education curriculum, to fighting for civic nomination in regards to Hong Kong’s Chief Executive election. As a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Geography, Liu is deeply invested in Hong Kong’s future land development plans. As a Student Senator at Hong Kong Baptist University, he also fought to abolish the compulsory Mandarin course as a graduation requirement, and has written ‘An Apology to the Party, the Country, and Its People’ following his occupation of the University’s Language Centre.

Jeffrey Ngo - Standing Committee Member
Ngo is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Toronto, and specialises in the relations between Hong Kong sovereignty and power politics in 20th century. He finished his undergraduate and masters degree at NYU, and will begin his PhD in History at Georgetown University come September 2018. He actively participates in Demosisto’s work regarding international connection and archival document analysis. He has also helped organise demonstrations with Hong Kong expats in New York and in Washington in support of the Umbrella Movement.

Tobias Leung Yin Fung - Standing Committee Member Leung is 22 of age, and is passionate in his work in social movements and in local communities. Following the Umbrella Movement, he joined Scholarism as a community organiser, and focused on serving his district by building its community through establishing the local paper Dawnews and organising a projection of ‘Ten Years’ with more than 3000 participants. Following the change in Demosisto’s direction, Leung hopes to initiate more innovative actions to close the gap between the general public and social issues.

Isaac Cheng Ka Long

Cheng is currently a freshman in Sociology at Shue Yan University. He was inspired by the protests against the National Education curriculum, and proceeded to join Demosisto when he was in secondary school. Cheng specialises in education policies, especially issues regarding brainwashing education and pressure on students. He has also cooperated with education organisations to express opinions and hand in petitions to the Education Bureau in response to its policies.
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