Demosistō is a movement-based party pushing for self-determination and autonomy of Hong Kong. Our vision is to make Hong Kong a city of equality and justice, one that embraces multiplicity and rules itself by democracy. We wish to commence a new age for future politics. A politics of hope.

Though the operations of a party requires immense sums, Demosistō is neither backed by large corporations nor submissive to dignitaries. This is why we sincerely hope for your generous participation. Each and every penny of your kind support shall keep us motivated in our ongoing efforts.

We reiterate that Demosisto has already employed an accountant to oversee and supervise our financial expenses and accounts. We will also publish our accounting reports regularly to ensure that all donations are wisely used in the self-determination movement.

Cheque donation

Since Demosisto is still not a registered limited company or society, we are unable to register for a bank account in the name of political party. Due to such difficulties, all donations could only be transferred to Wong Chi Fung and Demosisto's core members’ personal joint bank account. If supporters would hope to support Demosisto by donations, a cheque payable to WONG CHI FUNG would be more than welcome, and please transfer the cheque to the following address P.O. Box No. 73962, Kowloon Central Post Office.

Donation Amount